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Luxe Magazine features home built in collaboration with Stone Source

It’s always nice to be part of a project that gets media attention, and Stone Source has had the good fortune of appearing in numerous design and lifestyle publications over the years.

But not only was a recent collaboration featured in a magazine….it made the cover of Luxe Magazine's January Arizona issue! This is a first for us, and wouldn't be possible without the incredible team of architect C.P. Drewett; interior designer, Claire Ownby of Ownby Design; builder, Rich Brock of Bedbrock Development; and of course the owners, for without them there is no project.

The architectural style of the home is certainly mid-century modern with its flat planes, large windows, and changes in elevation, but there is an unmistakable contemporary feel as well in not only some of the building characteristics, but also the interior and exterior furnishings.

Most folks wouldn’t consider using cantera stone for these types of architectural styles, but it just goes to show that natural stone, even cantera stone, can have purpose and place in every kind of architecture.

C.P. designed a cladding system of varying thicknesses for the home that was used at both exterior and interior locations, and often this cladding made almost seamless transitions through windows and around large wall masses.

We provided the black cantera stone materials and installed these materials throughout all areas of the home. The project was labor intensive to say the least as we mitered and filled all of the outside corners. We also had to be sure the stone was installed level and plumb as well as perfectly on plane which can be challenging when dealing with expansive walls over multiple substrates.

In the end, everything came together beautifully, and the finished product is awesome!

Stone Source is pleased to have professional relationships with building professionals across the country to help bring any architectural dream to life through the use of natural stone!

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