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Six ways to implement natural stone at the exterior of your home

You’ve decided to build your dream home, or a second home, or maybe you’re considering a major remodel and update to your existing home. No matter what your project type, you’ve been looking at the exteriors of home after home for ideas in magazines, on Houzz, Pinterest, and other various design sites trying to find the look you desire for your home’s exterior. You’ve collected all of the information, and now it’s time to put it to use in the designing of your home. You plan to use natural stone, but aren’t quite sure where or how to use it. Here are some tips.

1. Stone Veneers

Stone veneers for wall finishes add dimension and mass to the exterior of homes like nothing else, and are best used at points of interest and to break up the monotony of large walls with very little in the way of detail (walls without windows, doors, etc.). Be sure to choose a stone that accents the main wall color of your home without being too close in color that it simply blends with the main wall color.

exterior stone column
exterior stone wall and entryway


2. Stone Window Sills and Surrounds

Carved stone sills and window surrounds add an element of detail that conveys elegance without being overbearing. Use sills when only a minimal accent is needed to tie focal points together and use complete window surrounds when you’re looking to make a statement about a certain area.

stone window surround
stone window surround and sill with column


3. Front Entry Surrounds

Front entry surrounds make a statement in more ways than one. Often one of the most beautiful features at the front elevation of a home, an entry surround directs your visitors to the main entrance while also peaking an interest as to what other beautiful features may lie ahead inside the home.

White limestone entryway surround
ornate stone entryway surround


4. Architectural Stone Mouldings

Architectural mouldings and accent details are those other features that tie points of interest together on a home. Use these features to create consistency throughout a home’s exterior without going overboard on the use of stone and your budget.

exterior stone chimney accents
carved stone poolside bar and fireplace


5. Carved Stone Columns

Columns serve in not only the structural integrity of your home, but also in the beauty of it as well. They create a sense of strength and add an architectural element no matter what your preference is in architectural styles.


6. Stone Accents

Wall accents create an artful expression and serve to breakup wall masses when other architectural options such as doors and windows are limited. They also serve to join points of interest together through their color and texture.

decorative stone wall plate
decorative stone wall sconce

No matter what your style - from a Florida beach home, to a Colorado mountain retreat, to a Hollywood mansion and everything in between - natural stone elements can be incorporated to bring to life your vision and perfect home.

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