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Why we do what we do

Gregory Mortimer, Managing Partner of Stone Source

During a recent meeting with one of our interior design clients, I was asked about my company, Stone Source, and how and why I came to be in the carved stone business.

The how and why were both easy replies.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved everything about natural stone. Whether it was a random limestone block fireplace or an intricately carved marble entryway, everything about stone peaked my interest.

Natural stone is strong, long-lasting, and adds warmth to an environment. It can be the structure, add to the character of a structure, or both. Natural stone defines a high level of quality like no other material. And given the fact that most natural stone materials were formed millions of years ago, natural stone has certain permanence to it that so many other materials cannot convey.

I also love the process of creating something and seeing it through to its completion. With Stone Source, my team and I get to design, carve, and install one-of-a-kind works of art that are enjoyed by our clients for years upon years. We create unique relationships with our clients as we work with them to bring their dreams to fruition. The best part is being able to work through a process and then to see the finished results of our endeavor… is so very satisfying!

In 2001, I needed carved stone for a building project on which I was working, and finding a suitable vendor proved to be extremely difficult. I interviewed and visited with more than eight vendors for the project including three from out-of-state, but none of them could perform to the level of quality I demanded. Some vendors had issues with their material sources while others had poor workmanship in their carving processes. Some couldn’t deliver product for three to four months, and others probably couldn’t deliver it ever. I felt that other folks had to be going through the same issues I was in finding a suitable source, and it was then that Stone Source came to existence.

Initially, most of our business came from the Phoenix metropolitan area, but soon other folks began to find out about us, providing opportunities for us to complete projects throughout the West Coast and California, then we spread everywhere from the Midwest to Florida, to the East Coast, New York, into Canada and beyond. Today, Stone Source works extensively across the United States and internationally.

Our philosophy is simple….provide clients with our unique products and services that they can’t find anywhere else, do it professionally and timely, and offer it at a fair price. We are willing to go wherever the client wants us.

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